So, you’ve exchanged phone numbers, now what? The first thing you do is call up your friends, plan your outfit for your first date, ignore the Holy Spirit and bask in your fantasies of falling in love. Relax. Do not plan the wedding or name the kids or add the person to your life insurance policy just yet. The first thing you must do is get to know the person. I mean really get to know them; spiritually, mentally and emotionally. This will take time. It cannot happen overnight. You want to be sure that you are equally yoked with the person you decide to date. The purpose for dating is marriage. Physical attraction cannot be the most important thing when looking for a godly/suitable mate. Stay prayerful and ask God to lead you on this journey of friendship. Don’t jump ahead of God because of your own expectations. Scripture teaches us, that you know a tree by the fruit it bears and to be ye not unequally yoked with unbelievers.. Be careful because the enemy is shrewd and knows all of our weaknesses. You want to be sure you are in the Will of God and not a trap from the devil. Don’t listen to your heart, listen to God. Hope this helps! Our goal is to Love Like Christ, for we know that Christ is the true example of Love and we want to be like Him. Visit every Friday for your weekly tip!


Sister Rohnesha M. Horne

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