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When you make the decision to get in shape, the options can seem endless. You may not know whether to start with that cute, trendy, boutique studio in your neighborhood or the big box gym to sweat it out among the masses. As a basic rule of thumb, the trendier, more unique spaces will cost you more but you can get a lot of amenities like towels and a lavender spritz after your workout. For the smaller budget, the big box gyms like Golds Gym and Planet Fitness can give you the basics and even group fitness class offerings, usually for an additional cost.

Fortunately, we are here to help you navigate through the latest trends in gyms and studios to help you find the right one for you!

Treadmill Classes:

Even though you can always lace up your sneakers and to run outdoors for free-99, treadmill studios are the trendy way to keep you motivated and push you to new speeds and distances. If you are very serious about perfecting your running form, learning techniques to increase speed, or you just need that extra push that comes from being surrounded by runners, these classes may be perfect for you.

Most of these classes are taught by lifelong runners who can share their personal experience to help you and your stride! Not really a runner? These classes can still be the right fit to help you learn how to start running and you can always adjust your speed to match your fitness leve

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