via BlackDoctor: Spring is my favorite season of the year! It’s a time when the flowers bloom, the weather is warmer, and the grass is green and beautiful. Spring is also a time to focus on our health and wellness. This spring I want to share with you five keys ways to spring into a […]

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via BlackDoctor: LeBron James’ stats are downright staggering. He has won three NBA championships, four NBA Most Valuable Player Awards, three NBA Finals MVP Awards, two Olympic gold medals, an NBA scoring title, and the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. He has also been selected to 13 NBA All-Star teams, 13 All-NBA teams, and […]

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via BlackDoctor Actress, dancer, and choreographer Wendy Raquel Robinson became a household name as a result of her role as Regina Greer on The Steve Harvey Show which led to three NAACP Image Award nominations for Best Actress in a Comedy. She then hit TV gold again with her role as Tasha Mack on the hit show, The […]

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Anyone can make a healthy lifestyle change for life. However, most people only do it when they are forced to – medical reasons such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and even special moments such as a wedding, class reunion, or a vacation will influence the need to exercise and adjust to a healthier diet. In […]

Made a new year’s resolution to get it right, get it tight? Exhausting yourself in the gym and not getting the results you expected? Here’s how performing challenging (daily) workout regimens without appropriate rest and recovery are sabotaging your health goals. 1. You’re not pushing yourself. If you’re able to breeze through your workout with […]


Losing weight doesn’t have to leave a bad taste in your mouth. A new cookbook by best-selling authorDr. Ian Smith hopes to provide healthy, flavorful meals that anyone can enjoy. “The Shred Diet Cookbook” is Dr. Ian’s first ever cookbook. It includes recipes for cheeseburgers, meal-replacing smoothies, even sweet barbecue steaks! Dr. Ian even has […]

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These days, it seems smart phones are “smart” enough to help us do just about everything and a new report shows that mobile phones can even help smokers overcome their biggest challenge: quitting. Researchers at Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University found that more than 11 percent of smokers who […]


Yolanda Adams has a plan! She fully intends to be around until she’s 105! And not just alive, but alert and still walking around, doing…

We can’t forget the spirit element of living a healthy lifestyle and the change won’t happen without the spirit of God. Listen to the audio…

Being a new member of a gym can be just as nerve racking as being the new kid in school. Gym-idation is very common nowadays as many first-timers and veterans are trying to get their workout on. However, if you’ve faced your fear and coughed up some bucks for a membership this year, then be […]

Most of us would like to live to be 100 or older, provided we could maintain a highly functional body and mind. Of course, being functional is the important thing. Research has now shown that we can live to a ripe old age and live it in good health, provided we follow a few simple […]

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Fre Flo Do. Developed by Los Angeles-based Kappel LeRoy Clarke, has become the hard hitting regimen of most major athletes, including Reggie Bush. Football's frenetic nature—the chaos that often calls for players to make split-second game- or career-changing decisions— is difficult to replicate in the gym. Take a look at Reggie's grueling training regimen.