Traditional holiday turkey dinner for Christmas or Thanksgiving Day

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via BlackDoctor:

It’s that time for you to kinda watch what you eat..The Holidays are here and lots of food will have you to eat more and sweat less.

Here some tips:

1. Get a Plan and Stick With It

The best way to be prepared is to have a list and a plan. When you go to the grocery store without a list, you may go astray and probably buy things you don’t need. This is the same way with your health. Conversely, if you have a plan and rules to follow it’s a lot easier to not get caught up.

2. Be Cautious, But Not Overbearing

Now a lot of us love to eat good food and there are some foods that we just feel we can’t do without. If you follow the 80/20 rule, (80% of the food you eat is clean and unprocessed and the other 20% may be a little indulging) you may be able to follow your diet plan better than trying to go overboard. Having an 80/20 rule with your dietary intake will guide you to indulge in moderation so you can still eat the things that you like.

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