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A popular New Year’s resolution year after year for Toledoans is getting fit and losing weight. And many gyms and fitness centers find that they are busier around the new year than any other time.

According to experts, the hardest part for people is to stick with their resolutions through out the year, with only 8 percent achieving their New Year goals.

Aaron Kramer, a trainer at Fitness 19, said in order for people to achieve it people have to hold themselves accountable and set realistic goals.

“The main thing is that you don’t want to get discouraged. So don’t set yourself up to fail set yourself up to succeed. Small goals in very small I’m talking about instead of one pop a week replace that pop with the water, just one and then go up from there,” Kramer said. “Or today I’m going to come to the gym and do 15 minutes on the tread mill. So you feel accomplished.”

He recommends fitness classes, a personal trainer or a friend to help keep you on track.

“It’s a double edged sword with the buddy system because I mean if one person falls off then the other person is likely to fall off. So you have to find someone who is equally as motivated,” he said.

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